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Alarm Registration Form

  1. Please review the following requirement for Alarm Registrations in the City of Temple Terrace:
    All alarms owned or operated within the City of Temple Terrace are required to be registered under City Ordinance (6.605).
    Please complete and submit this form or print out the following form below.

    Please use the following format for entering telephone numbers: (813) 506-6500.

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  8. The address where the home or business is located. Include suite or apartment numbers on address line 2 where appropriate.

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  10. Please enter your mailing / billing address. Include suite or apartment numbers on address line 2 where appropriate.

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  12. Important! This is the primary method of contact in the event of an emergency. You may include additional numbers or contact information in the notes sections at the end of this form.

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  14. Please list two additional contacts in the event we cannot reach you in an emergency. Indicate who may have a key to enter your home or business.

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  18. Please use this space to provide additional details about your home or business that might be important in the event of an emergency. Include information about pets that may reside at the location; or other concerns that may aid responding emergency officials.
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