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AED Registration Form

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  2. Temple Terrace Fire Department AED Registration Form
  3. Fire Administration
    124 Bullard Pkwy., Temple Terrace, FL 33617 - Phone (813)605-6700, Fax (813) 506-6701
  4. AED Registration Program
    The City of Temple Terrace Fire Department identifies the importance of AED's and their use during a cardiac emergency. Completion of this form helps the Temple Terrace Fire Department know where these life-saving units are located. This allows our emergency response personnel to better serve its community by knowing what interventions have been completed prior to their arrival and ensuring the highest level of patient care.
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  7. Please be specific on installation locations (i.e., West wall of gym, patient waiting room, principal's office, etc.)
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  9. Has staff been trained in AED use?*
  10. Has staff been trained in CPR?*
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