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  1. Temporary Roll-Off Container Application
  2. Business*
  3. Deposit
    An Inactivity Fee of $100 will be assessed on all rentals that are not serviced within 30 days of rental. An additional $25 per week will be assessed for each subsequent week of inactivity.
  5. All Units: $55 – Delivery/Set-up Fee. Also for relocates, and delivery refusals and/or unable to deliver or service.

  6. 20 Yd. Construction Roll-off Pull Charge Rates: $213.18

  7. 30 YD. Construction Roll-off Pull Charge Rates: $228.93

  8. Construction & Demolition / Class 3 Materials - $80/Ton 

    Non-processable Materials - $59.07/Ton

    Processable Materials (trash, food, etc.) - $81.35/Ton

    Additional environmental and fuel surcharge fees may apply as charged by the disposal facility.

  9. Construction & Demolition Debris includes: Lumber, drywall, bricks & block, roofing material, etc. : **Note – concrete disposal is FREE of CHARGE (Pull Charge still applies!)
  10. Construction & Demolition Class III Materials: This is Non-Processable and/or Construction & Demolition debris that is not recyclable.
  11. Non-Processable “Class III” Debris: This debris may include any of the following: Furniture, mattresses, carpeting, plastic buckets, plastic sheets, & paint cans (empty) Pallets, packing materials, Styrofoam, cardboard, and paper (not food stained) Metals, aluminum cans, soda bottles, and White Goods (certified that Freon has been removed) Construction and Demolition debris.
  12. NOTE: please allow at least 24 hours for any requested roll-off services to be completed. *Environmental fees and fuel surcharge fees apply and fluctuate according to market conditions.
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