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Independence Day Celebration

  1. independence day
  2. Be a part of the City of Temple Terrace 2023 4th of July Celebration!
  3. Join the parade on the 4th of July and be a part of the Independence Day Celebration in the City of Temple Terrace!
  4. All parade entries must represent and support a patriotic theme that relates to American Independence. Entries must be decorated appropriately and present a neat, clean and positive image that directly supports the Independence Day theme of the parade. Marching bands and military units and firefighting and/or law enforcement units may be exempt from the decoration requirement. All parade entries must also promote the health, safety, welfare and positive well-being of City of Temple Terrace residents.
  5. Entries and payment must be received by the City’s Leisure Services Department by June 18. Deliver applications and $50 fee by check, cash or credit card to Cori Collins at the Family Recreation Complex, 6610 Whiteway Dr.
  6. Please provide the following information in detail:
  7. (number determined by length of motorized vehicles 12-40 ft. = 2 monitors)
  8. (1 monitor for every 10 children)
  9. Will your unit have music?*
  10. Which type is your music?*
  11. Does the trailer include an animal unit?*
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  14. City of Temple Terrace Independence Day Rules and Regulations

    1. All control of the parade is vested to the Parade Committee, which includes City of Temple Terrace staff who shall review and approve all applications for appropriateness and completeness. 2. Parties wishing to participate in the Independence Day parade are required to submit an application. An entry fee of $50 is due with the application submittal. Those applications that are denied participation shall have their fee refunded in full. 3. In order to have an application reviewed for approval, each application shall be accompanied with a signed waiver of liability. The registration deadline is June 27. No applications will be accepted after this deadline. Entries shall not be allowed the day of the parade. 4. The Independence Day Parade is a family-friendly event conducted to celebrate the United States of America independence, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and to honor American patriots. The Parade is not a platform for political or targeted special interest groups. All parade entries MUST represent and support the theme and spirit of this celebration using appropriate decorations on persons and/or vehicles. Applications for entry are considered for approval by the committee based on the “SHOW VALUE” to the overall theme and spirit of the event. The use of theme, artistic beauty, color, animation, special effects, originality, ride or personnel and costumes and visual appeal all determine the acceptability of an entry. The parade committee reserves the right to prohibit entry into the Parade to any applicant the does not meet these requirements. Upon arriving at the staging area on the day of the event, those entries not conforming with the description provided in the application will not be allowed to participate in the parade. By making application for entry, it is understood that the decision of the Parade Committee is final. 5. Animal entries must have provisions for waste removal or will not be allowed to participate. 6. The parade committee shall assign each entry’s position in the parade. Participants should be at the staging area the morning of the event no later than 9:30am. Late arrivals may lose their assigned position in the parade. 7. Entries shall not be taller than 13’6” from the ground and should be able to maneuver around sharp turns on the parade route without difficulty. 8. No entry or organization will be permitted to participate in the parade without prior approval of the parade committee. 9. Elected officials desirous of participating in the parade should complete and submit an application but shall be exempt from the application fee.

  15. Entering your name constitutes your signature and acknowledgement of receipt of these rules and regulations. Please retain a copy for your records.
  17. City Staff Review:
  18. This application must be approved by the City of Temple Terrace Parade Committee for entry in the parade. The decision of the Parade Committee is final. Applicants will be informed of denials via the applicant’s email address. Confirmation letters that include unit assignments and location will be mailed to applicants approximately one week before the parade.
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