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Historic Preservation Board Application

  1. Your Service to the City is earnestly solicited. Service on a Board or Committee provides citizens with an opportunity to help shape policy and direction for the City of Temple Terrace.
  2. Employment
  3. Florida Statute Section 760.80 requires the City of Temple Terrace to maintain and report the following information:
  4. A resume or separate sheet with additional information may be included.
  5. If the Applicant is not appointed at the next City Council meeting scheduled for the purpose of making appointments, this application will be retained on file for six months.
  7. By filing this application with the City of Temple Terrace, I do hereby acknowledge the following: 1)This application when completed is a public record and open to public inspection. 2) Florida Law requires that members of certain Boards file a financial disclosure form. I consent to the filing of the State Form, Statement of Financial Interest (Form 1), if required by law for the position. 3) If appointed, I agree to faithfully, impartially and fully perform the duties of my office, will make every endeavor to serve my full term, and will comply with all laws or ordinances of the City, County, and State of Florida, particularly the Florida Sunshine Law.
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