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Shop Local, Dine Local, Support Local Community Program (Business Participation Form)

  1. Business Participation Information
    Please use this form to submit or update your discount offerings.
  2. If different from Business Legal Name.
  3. Street number of your brick & mortar location.
  4. Street name of your brick & mortar location.
  5. Road, Avenue, Street, etc...
  6. Discounts Offered under the program.
    Please choose one or more of the following discount options and enter the details you would like to offer.
  7. Set a percentage discount for the entire purchase, excluding alcoholic beverages. Example: 10% OFF entire purchase.
  8. Set a fixed discount amount with certain conditions, excluding alcoholic beverages. Example: 5% OFF purchase of $50 or more.
  9. Provide a free in-kind offering with eligible purchase. Example: FREE DESSERT with purchase of two adult entrees.
  10. Offer a set discount on a particular item or category for a set period. Rotate the offering each period (ex: each month). Example: 50% OFF appetizers in July.
  11. Thank You!
    Your support and participation is greatly appreciated. Someone will be in touch soon.
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