Beyond Books

The Library offers a host of non-traditional items for borrowing, including sewing machines, cake pans, paper shredders, kitchen appliances and more. A full list of items can be found by going to and searching the catalog for "Beyond Books Lending Library." Among other highlights of Beyond Books":

Seed Catalog

In 2018, the Library repurposed on old library card catalog into a Seed Catalog. Patrons can "check out" up to four packets of seeds each month. (There is no need to return anything.) While each month features a "Seed of the month," there are dozens of varieties from which to choose as well as flyers with gardening tips.


Thanks to a generous donation, the Library has men's dress ties available to check out. If you need a tie for a job interview stop by and pick one out. We'll even include instructions on how to tie it.

Board Games

The Library has board games suitable for all ages – from that can be checked out and played at home.