Rental Facilities


AreaGroup SizeHourly Rental Rate
Kiddie Pool/Water Playground50 or Less
51 to 150
Fun Pools and Main Pool50 or Less
51 to 150
All Pool Facilities50 or Less
51 to 150
Sand Volleyball Courts (one-time fee)n/a$15
Refundable Security Depositn/a$100 or 10% of rental/whichever is higher

Special Conditions 

  •   Minimum rental time: 3 Hours 
  •  No glass containers, smoking, or alcohol allowed anywhere on pool deck. 
  •  All pool rental fees include charges for lifeguards and aquatic personnel.

Athletic Fields

AreaHourly Rental Rate
Athletic Fields (Soccer, Baseball, or Softball)$25 ($50 day of)
Field Lighting (where applicable, additional per hour)$25
Field Prep (dragging, lining, chalking - 1-time charge)$30
Refundable Security Deposit$25

Special Conditions 

  •  The City of Temple Terrace does not own or maintain soccer goals or nets. The use of soccer goals or net condition is NOT guaranteed as a part of the field rental. 
  •  No activities are permitted to extend beyond the curfew posted unless approved in advance by the Department Director. 
  •  It is strictly prohibited for the renter or rental group to perform any additional maintenance on any athletic field.

Riverhills Gazebo (5-hour time limit)

Rental NeedsResident RateNon-Resident Rate
Permit Fee (1-time charge)$40$70
Electrical Use / Hook Up (1-time charge)$20$20
Refundable Deposit$25$25

Special Conditions 

  •  All trash must be removed from the park by the renter. 
  •  Rental is for Gazebo only. Riverhills Park and park amenities will remain open for public use. 
  •  Key/plug must be returned no later than 72 hours after rental.

Gymnasiums (Fee of $15 per hour will be added to all rentals held after regular business hours)

AreaEvent StatusHourly Rental Rate
Gymnasium 1 or 2No Paying Participants$60
Gymnasium 1 or 2Paying Participants$115
Refundable Security Depositn/a$100 or 10% of rental/whichever is higher

Special Conditions 

• Maximum Capacity per gymnasium: 250 

• No food or beverages are allowed in any of the gymnasiums

Classrooms/Studios: (Fee of $15 per hour will be added to all rentals held after regular business hours)

Room / Number of PeopleHourly Rental Rate
Classroom 1 or 2 (Maximum 20 People)$25
Classroom 3 (Maximum 40 People)$40
Studio A or B (Maximum Studio A: 50 Studio B: 62, Combined: 112)$30
Refundable Security Deposit$50

Special Conditions 

  •  Only rubber-soled shoes or dance shoes will be allowed for rentals in Studios A & B and Classroom #2. 
  •  No food or beverages are permitted in the classrooms/studios unless authorized in advance by the approving Supervisor

Covered Area & Playground (during operating hours only)

Covered Area & PlaygroundHourly Rental Rate
Covered Area & Access to Playground and ½ Basketball Court$40
Refundable Security Deposit$50

Special Conditions

Rental of this area secures the use of the covered area. Playground and ½ Basketball Court will remain open to our membership. 75 person maximum.

All renters and associated participants must obey all applicable parks and recreation division rules and regulations, city ordinances and codes, and any posted signs.

All fees are per hour unless otherwise noted. No amplified music, D.J. or live music permitted.

Omar K Lightfoot Center

Available Rental Days & Hours: Fri. 5pm – 10pm Sat. 8am – 10pm Sun. 8am – 9pm

Event Description/SizeHourly Rental Rate
100 or less$90
101 to 180 (* more than 149 Police presence required)$110
Teen Event Rental: Temple Terrace Residents Only (*Police presence & additional deposit required)$110 + police
Setup / Cleanup$40
Sanitizing Fee (One-time Charge)$20
Classroom Rental$25

Facility Options & EquipmentOne-time Charge
PA System$75
Refundable Security Deposit (Teen Event $200)$150

To book the Omar K. Lightfoot Center more than 2 months in advance, you must be a resident of the City of Temple Terrace. Proof of residency will be required. 

  •  Temple Terrace Police presence required for all Temple Terrace Resident teen events and events with more than 149 people *. 
  •  3 Hour minimum. Each rental must include at least a 30 minutes setup and a minimum clean up time per rental: 1 – 100 people, 30 minutes and 101 – 180 people, 1 hour. 
  •  Refundable $150 deposit due at time of application. 
  •  Entire rental fee due 15 days before rental date. See cancellation policy.
  •  Not-for-profit events only. No proceeds or profits can be made by the renter during events in the facility. 
  •  All provisions of Facilities Use Agreement apply to all renters. 
  •  All businesses, 501C, LLC, etc. must provide proof of insurance and list “City of Temple Terrace” as additionally insured on form. 
  •  All tax-exempt organizations must provide a tax-exemption certificate with rental agreement to avoid tax charges. 
  •  All rentals are subject to approval by The City of Temple Terrace Leisure Services Department.
  • All rentals subject to all terms and conditions of the rental agreement and checklist. 

* Temple Terrace Police presence required at all Teen Event Rentals (Temple Terrace Residents only) and any event expecting more than 149 people. A City of Temple Terrace off duty Police request form will be provided.