3D Printing

How can I do: 3D Printing

Finding or Creating a Model:

  • There are thousands of pre-made models you can access at www.thingiverse.com. Make sure the file type is “.stl”
  • Want to try modeling it yourself? Tinkercad.com is a 3D model website. Basic shapes can be used and modified to build a model. Chrome works best for accessing this website.

Some Models Don’t Work:

  • Not all models will print out well. Email us your questions if you’re not sure. Some parts will not print if they are too delicate or detailed. If parts of the print hang over the platform, we will use auto-generated supports.

Send It In:

  • Staff reserve the right to decline any model that is deemed inappropriate for any reason. Note that printing is limited to 4 hours per month and no object can be larger than the printing platform, 7” x 5” in length and width and approximately 5” in height. PLA plastic only. Color availability may vary.
  • Email your .stl file to 3D@templeterrace.com  We will check it to determine any printing difficulties as well as printing time. You must include your library barcode number and be in good standing on your account.
  • When the print is completed, you will be notified by email for pickup.  Have fun!