Citizens In Touch

The Temple Terrace Police Department provides a program for the security and well-being of seniors and disabled residents living alone within the city. The program offers subscribers daily telephone contact with a member of the Police Department, a free security survey and residential security tips.

What are the requirements to participate in this program and how does it work?

In order to become enrolled in the program, a person must be over age 60 or disabled and live alone within the city limits of Temple Terrace. The applicant must express a desire to participate in the program by signing a C.I.T. Appointment and Release form, completing an emergency contact list and agree to comply with the following procedures to make the program successful.

Subscriber Procedure:

  1. All subscribers to the C.I.T. program agree to call the Temple Terrace Police Department at telephone number (813) 989-7110 on a daily basis, seven (7) days per week. The subscriber shall advise the call-taker that he or she is a member of the C.I.T. program, provide his or her name, address, and a brief personal status update to inform the call-taker that everything is okay; or if needed, request additional assistance. All subscribers must call between the hours of 7 and 11 am.

  2. If the subscriber plans to be away from his or her home during the prescribed call times, he or she agrees to notify the Police Department prior to departing and upon returning.

In the event a subscriber does not call, a communications officer will attempt to contact the subscriber by telephone to ensure everything is okay. If contact is not made with the subscriber the communications officers will then attempt to contact one or more person(s) listed on the subscriber’s emergency contact list. If a communications officer is unable to verify the status of the subscriber a police officer will be dispatched to the residence to check on the subscriber’s well-being.

Upon arrival, the police officer will attempt to make personal contact with the subscriber. If the police officer does not obtain a response he or she will contact a neighbor to gather information regarding the whereabouts of the subscriber. After exhausting available means of contact with the subscriber, the police officer will enter the residence to check on the subscriber’s well-being. Forcible entry will be made only if the subscriber signs an “Appointment and Release” form, which will be on file at the Police Department. Entry into the residence will be made only as a last resort.

Email the Crime Prevention Unit to request the program flyer and related forms.

Please forward all completed forms to the Police Department Communication Unit (Dispatch Center).