Tree Removal

Temple Terrace employs a City Arborist. If you have any question regarding 
the information below, contact Arborist Joe Ferris by email or call 813.506.6482.

**On July 1, 2019, HB 1159 went into effect in Florida regulating the removal of dangerous trees. 
The County has information that may help to answer questions about this new law.**


Please read the following guidelines that control the pruning and removal of trees on residential and commercial properties in Temple Terrace. These rules are necessary to keep our City safe and attractive for all residents. 


City ordinances require permits to prune large limbs and to remove protected and grand trees.

Corrective Action

Request an inspection prior to tree work to determine whether permits are required.

City Code Definitions

Grand tree - any tree listed in Table 1 (Approved Tree List) with a diameter of twenty-four (24) inches or greater at D.B.H. (a standard for the measurement of the trunk diameter of a tree at breast height or fifty four inches).

Protected Tree - any tree of a protected tree type that has a DBH of more than ten (10) inches and located on residential land, or more than five (5) inches and located on non-residential land, and which is not otherwise exempted from this Code. For the purpose of this Code, all palms with at least four and one-half (4-1/2) feet of clear trunk between the ground level and the lowest branch are declared to be protected trees.

Remove - to relocate, cut down, damage, poison, or in any other manner destroy, or cause to be destroyed, a tree.

City Code References

Section 25.735.4 Regulations and Standards: Tree Removal

(a) The following regulations shall apply to all land within the City and shall be cumulative to any other regulation provided for in Section 25.735.

(1) Permit required. No protected tree shall be removed without first obtaining a permit from the City.

(2) Grand tree. No grand tree or cluster of trees of any species listed in Table 1 of this Section shall be removed without a permit from the City. A permit shall only be issued upon a finding of the following:

a. The removal is to the benefit of the public health, safety and welfare, or the existence of the tree presents a clear and present danger. Under these conditions, when removal is authorized, no replacement trees are required.

b. The presence of the grand tree or cluster of trees prohibits the property owner from the beneficial use of his property. Under these conditions, when removal is authorized, one replacement shade tree (5-inch D.B.H.) is required (see Table 1 of this Section).

(Ord. No. 856, 12-21-93; Ord. No. 1044, 5-15-01)

Section 25.735.8 Tree Trimming/Nuisance Trees

(a) All tree trimming shall be in accordance with standard pruning practices as set forth in “Pruning Standards for Shade Trees,” National Arborist Association, 1979. Said standards as they are now written, or may be amended, are incorporated herein by reference.

(b) No “grand tree” or any “protected tree” shall have branches trimmed without a permit when said branches to be trimmed measure ten (10) inches in diameter or greater.

(c) Nuisance trees. The elimination and removal of nuisance trees listed in Table 3 of this Section is encouraged.

For more information call 813-506-6482 or email the City Arborist, Joe Ferris at

Tree Removal Information

    1. The FREE ANNUAL PICK UP from the city is NOT applicable for tree removal permits for trees 12’’ DBH or greater.
    2. The City will remove the tree debris for a fee. The fee used for the pickup is $71.61 for every 15 minutes it takes to remove the tree debris.
    3. The charges for pick up from the City will be placed on the monthly utility bill.
    4. Contractor/Homeowner is responsible for making arrangements for the debris pickup
    5. Arrangements for pick up if the City is to pick up needs to be made through our City’s Public Works department, the number is 813-506-6570.
    6. Trees 12’’ DBH or greater must be inspected and approved to be removed or trimmed by our City’s Arborist or Licensed Arborist.
    7. All Materials shall be removed and the site returned to original condition prior to final inspection date.
    8. All palm trees with the exception of Queen Palm (invasive) are protected if they have a clear trunk (CT) of 4.5’ as measured from the ground to the 3rd palm leaf attachment
    9. Standing dead trees on a single family residential properties that have a 12’’ DBH or greater require a permit for removal.
    10. Licensed Arborist must obtain the tree removal packet and complete prior to have the tree removed.
    11. Permits are required for all trees 12’’ DBH or greater.
    12. Invasive trees as listed in the City Code are exempt from the DBH requirement.
    13. Tree debris needs to be removed within 3 business days to avoid any additional fines or fees
    14. Permits are valid for 6 months from the day the permit has been issued
*DBH – Diameter at breast height (4’6”)
*NOTE: The Temple Terrace Tree Ordinances differ from the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County Ordinances.

Click here for the Tree Removal / Trimming Permit Application