Commercial Services

Commercial Sanitation Services

The City of Temple Terrace provides commercial refuse collection to all business locations in Temple Terrace. There are three commercial options to choose from depending on the size and type of business being serviced: commercial cans, compactors (emptying only), and dumpsters.

Option 1

Small business locations may choose the commercial cans option for $31.03 per month. The businesses provides their own garbage cans (limit of four), which must be no larger than 32 gallons. These cans will be placed outside for garbage collection on scheduled service days (twice-weekly).

Option 2

Many larger businesses and multi-family establishments use a compactor. The compactor must be kept in a city approved enclosure and will not be provided by the city. The city empties compactors either on a schedule or by request. The charges for emptying and returning the container are below. 

Type of Compactor FeeFee:
Pull Charge$209.55
Processable Material Disposal (trash, food, etc.)$81.35
Construction and Demolition Material Disposal$45.21
Construction and Demo Class III Materials$48.40
Non-processable Materials$59.07
Additional Miscellaneous Requests*$55.00

A $55 service fee will be charged for any additional Compactor requests (deliveries, container relocation, failed service attempts, and container wash requests).

Option 3

Commercial properties may also elect to use a dumpster container. The city provides the dumpster(s) and empties them either on a schedule or by request. The dumpster must be kept in a city approved enclosure See below for size / service options and monthly charges.

(Cubic Yard)
1 Weekly
2 Weekly
3 Weekly
4 Weekly
5 Weekly
6 Weekly
ONE Additional
2 yard$72.68$127.19$178.06$228.93$285.86$343.99$15.26
4 yard$124.76$228.93$336.73$438.48$547.49$655.29$27.56
6 yard$179.27$336.73$496.62$655.29$807.92$966.58$39.92
8 yard$233.77$445.74$655.29$864.84$1,074.39$1,285.15$52.55

*Other miscellaneous charges include:

  • $55 - wash compactor unit (no charge for city’s dumpsters)
  • $55 - No show fee (unable to perform service)