Administration Division

The Administration Division is responsible for planning, organizing, reviewing and maintaining efficient and cost-effective services. The Administration Division ensures that all elements of the city are prepared to deal with unusual occurrences and disasters. The Administrative Division is managed by Assistant Fire Chief Shane Samon.

Operations Division

The Operation Division is responsible for all emergency and non-emergency responses made by the department's fire and medical teams. The Operations Division oversees and maintains manpower, equipment, vehicles, training and communications and protects lives and property in the city from all hazards. This is achieved by managing staffing, training, equipment and other apparatus to provide residents with fire, paramedic medical treatment and protection from threats to life and property.  This division is managed by Division Chief Scott Murley.

Risk Reduction Division

The Risk Reduction Division coordinates efforts to inform the public of fire preventive methods, with a focus on education, awareness, public relations, fire and minimum housing code inspections and fire investigations. The Risk Reduction division also is responsible for the administration of the City's Rental Housing Permit Program and Minimum Housing Code Compliance. This division is managed by Division Chief Michael Hagewood. 

The Residential Rental Permit Program is a tool to protect the City’s housing stock and the residents’ property values. It is designed to:

  • Preserve Neighborhoods,
  • Protect Investments and Property Values,
  • Protect Buyers and Renters from undisclosed code violations,
  • Safeguard public health and safety by protecting residents
    from problems caused by substandard conditions.
Much of Temple Terrace’s housing was constructed 30 years ago and most properties are well-maintained and in good condition today. However, an increasing number of dwellings are being used as rental units and some rental properties are not satisfactorily maintained. Poorly maintained property puts life and safety at risk.

Enforcing the City’s Minimum Housing Code via the Residential Rental Permit Program is a proactive, effective approach designed to ensure safe, clean, and stable neighborhoods and improve the quality of rental housing.

The City Council initiated this citywide program that establishes a system for permitting all single-family rental properties (attached or detached) and all two- or three-family dwellings including townhouses, condominiums, and mobile homes to certify a unit meets certain minimum housing and development standards.

These standards include:

  • No more than three unrelated persons may live in any one rental unit
  • A rental property must have an annual City rental permit – $200 per unit
  • A rental property is subject to an annual site inspection to ensure compliance with City Code Chapter 8,  Buildings and Fire Prevention
  • Failure to obtain or renew a permit or to maintain the property may result in referral to the Municipal Code Enforcement Board

For more information, contact the Temple Terrace Fire Department, Risk Reduction Division at (813) 506-6690 or email

Personnel Development

The Personnel Development Division is focused on the training and skills advancement of the fire department personnel. The department also works with residents and businesses in the teaching of first aid skills on a continual basis.

The Personnel Development Division is committed to incorporating the best instructional and training methods by using current fire service data, performance standards, and modern technology. The fire department welcomes the challenges and opportunities of the future, while remaining steadfast to the traditions and wisdom of the past. This division manages the personnel educational programs for fire suppression, medical training, career and individual development, and various specialty certifications. These programs range from state-mandated training in firefighting, rescue, hazardous materials, and incident command to all aspects of basic and advanced life support. This division is managed by Captain Joe Cable.