Local Business Tax Receipts


All persons who operate a business in the City of Temple Terrace are required to pay a fee to obtain and maintain a Local Business Tax Receipt.

A Local Business Tax Receipt is not required if you do not maintain a permanent business or branch office in the City of Temple Terrace. It is required, however, if you practice contracting or landscaping (including yard and lawn maintenance) within the city. Also, you must register annually with the city’s Department of Community Development

Please contact Customer Service by email at customerservice@templeterrace.gov for an Application for Solicitation License.

 Home-Based Businesses

Specific regulations and requirements govern home-based businesses. If you plan to operate a home-based business, please read and sign the form below, and submit it with your Local Business Tax Receipt application.

Licensing Services

Before applying for your Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as an occupational license), please take the time to read the following guidelines. You will find answers to many of your questions and, hopefully, this section will help you to obtain the required documents to operate your business.

All persons who operate a business or profession in the City of Temple Terrace are required to pay a fee to obtain and maintain a Local Business Tax Receipt.

Opening a New Business is a Three-Step Process

    1. Verify Zoning  You need to determine if your business is in a correctly zoned area. 
    2. Apply for Building Permits or Inspections  Remodeling or renovating an existing store or office may require a building permit. The Community Development Department will help you determine what permits you may need. Pre-plan your activities and remember that inspections must occur on a timely basis. A Certificate of Occupancy also is required before the business may begin operating. The City is not responsible for a contractor's failure to complete work on time, nor failure to schedule the required inspections prior to the planned opening date. The Fire Department determines if it is necessary to perform a walk-through inspection. Once your Final Building Inspection is completed, allow some time to process your Certificate of Occupancy. Clearances may be needed from other city departments. 
    3. Apply for Your Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly Occupational License) Please submit a completed application to the Finance Department's Customer Service division two weeks before the business opens. Failure to complete this step may result in the denial of your tax receipt. All licenses relevant to your business need to be attached to your application; i.e., State Professional License (D.P.R.), Division of Hotels/Restaurants, Alcohol License and health permits. A Hillsborough County tax receipt (occupational license) is required and posting of such documents is required by ordinance. After you receive your receipt, please display it in a visible area. Contact Customer Service by email at customerservice@templeterrace.gov for a Business Tax Receipt Application. 


A $25 application fee is assessed when you submit your application. Tax receipt fees are assessed after the appropriate approvals and you will be sent a letter stating the amount due. Tax receipt payments are due and payable by October 1 of each year and expire on September 30. (Half-year licenses apply to any new business opening after April 1 and expiring on September 30.) You will be notified by mail when it is time to renew your tax receipt. We wish you much success in your business endeavor. The staff of the Community Services and the Finance Departments are happy to answer any of your questions regarding this process and wish you much success in your business endeavor.